University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Electrical Engineering  (UG 3.72/4.0 GPA - G 3.66/4.0 GPA)

ElecEng 234 Analytical Methods in Engineering
ElecEng 301 Electrical Circuits I
ElecEng 305 Electrical Circuits II
ElecEng 310 Signals and Systems
ElecEng 330 Electronics I
ElecEng 335 Electronics II
ElecEng 354 Digital Logic
ElecEng 361 Electromagnetic Fields
ElecEng 362 Electromechanical Energy Conversion
ElecEng 367 Introduction to Microprocessors
ElecEng 420 Random Signals and Systems
ElecEng 437+ Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
ElecEng 438+ Bioanalytics and Biomedical Diagnostics
ElecEng 457 Digital Logic Laboratory
ElecEng 458+ Computer Architecture
ElecEng 461 Microwave Engineering
Elec/Mech 474 Introduction to Control Systems
ElecEng 490 Fundamentals of Neuroimaging
ElecEng 572+ Power Electronics
Elec/Mech  574+ Intermediate Control Systems
ElecEng 595 Capstone Design Project
Elec/Mech  701+ Advanced Linear System Analysis
Elec/Mech  816+ Optimal Control Theory
ElecEng 890+ Advanced Power Electronics
ElecEng 890+ Fundamentals of Nanotechnology
ElecEng 890+ Introduction to Biomedical Optics

+ Graduate School Courses

Physics (UG 3.65/4.0 GPA)

Physics 209* Physics I (Calculus Treatment)
Physics 210* Physics II (Calculus Treatment)
Physics 214 Lab Physics I (Calculus Treatment)
Physics 215 Lab Physics II (Calculus Treatment)
Physics 309 Physics III: Modern Physics
Physics 325 Optics
Physics 410 Optics Laboratory
Physics 441 Quantum Physics I
Physics 442 Quantum Physics II
Physics 498 Undergraduate Physics Seminar

Other Engineering

CompSci 201 Introductory Computer Programming
MechEng 301 Basic Engineering Thermodynamics
CivEng 201 Statics
CivEng 202 Dynamics
MatlEng 201 Engineering Materials
IndEng 360 Engineering Economic Analysis

All Other Courses

Africol 100 Black Reality
Chem 105 Chemistry for Engineers
Commun 103* Public Speaking
EAS 200 Professional Seminar
Econ 100* Introductory Economics
English 90* Basic Writing
L&S X* Introduction to Sociology
Math X* Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
Math 211* Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
Math 233* Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
Math 321 Vector Analysis
Music 150 Beginning Guitar
Psych XS* Psychology of Human Relations
Spanish 103 First-Semester Spanish
Spanish 104 Second-Semester Spanish
Spt&Rec 112 Yoga I
Spt&Rec 291 Cooking Healthy Foods
Spt&Rec 289 Bicycle Maintenance
Spt&Rec 289 TOPIC: Off-Road Bicycling

*Transferred from WCTC (27 Credits) or MATC (3 Credits)

Waukesha County Technical College

Electrical Engineering

662-102 DC Circuit Analysis
662-104 AC Circuit Analysis
605-127 Electrical Fabrication Techniques
605-118 Digital Electronics


804-154† Calculus I
804-156† Calculus II
804-167† Calculus III
806-161† Physics I: Calculus Based
806-162† Physics II: Calculus Based

All Other Courses

801-196† Oral/Interpersonal Comm
809-196† Introduction to Sociology
605-151 Co-Op
809-199† Psychology of Human Relations
801-195† Written Communication

Transferred to UW-Milwaukee

Milwaukee Area Technical College

All Courses

ECON-195† Economics
WELD-300 Fundamentals of Arc Welding
ELECTY-378 Construction Blueprint Reading